PoE Control Gateway FC-54P
2 Serial/IR multi–function ports
2 GPIO/Relay multi–function ports
Up to 40 IP clients
Power over Ethernet
USB–based powering
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FC−54P is a multi−function PoE control gateway, capable of plug and play deployment over a customer Ethernet LAN for GPI/O, relay, IR and serial control of customer devices. Multiple control clients can be IP−connected to the FC−54P control gateway for concurrent control of devices such as projectors, displays, DVD players, lights, shades and screens.

- Dual–Function I/O Ports — Remote IP–based control of any device connected to the control gateway I/O ports, with selectable port configuration to bidirectional RS–232, IR, GPI/O or relay control. Each port is adaptable for any room device control simply by setting a DIP–switch.

- Multiple IP Connected Clients — Remotely connected over customer Ethernet network, concurrently controlling any devices connected to control gateway universal I/O ports.

- Easy & Reliable Installation — With single PoE cable for both, powering and connectivity, and Plug and Play IP installation with dynamic (DHCP) address resolution and auto device discovery over customer LAN. Highly–resilient powering with multiple power options — USB, Power over Ethernet per IEEE 802.3af standard, and optional PSU (not included). Compact, designed for piggy–back installation, such as behind a TV or display, with the ability to draw power from device USB port and Ethernet connectivity.

- Remote Management — Built–in web UI for remote browser–based management and support, by multiple IP–clients over customer LAN. Easy firmware upgrades, either remotely via customer LAN, or locally via device USB port.

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