Alteon 6420
Alteon is Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA. It provides advanced, end-to-end local and global load balancing capabilities for all Web, cloud and mobile-based applications.
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  • High performance SSL with support for latest encryption standards (i.e. ECC)

  • Designed for carriers, mobile operators and very large enterprises

  • High-end performance application delivery appliance

  • On-demand 30-80Gbps throughput scalability

  • On-demand service scalability

  • Supports ADC-VX with up to 48 vADCs

  • Provides compression and caching

  • 4 ports of 40GE (QSFP+) and + 20 ports of 10GE / GE (SFP+)

  • RJ45 serial connection

  • USB interface for software installation and recovery

  • Front to back fans suitable for new data center design

  • Dual AC/DC power supply

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