Bộ điều khiển DCS‐E240M
Bộ điều khiển DCS‐E240M sử dụng dải tần số 2.4G sử dụng trong hệ thống âm thanh hội nghị không dây chuyên nghiệp kết hợp với bộ micro không dây DCS-E2401C/D, DCS-E2403C/D
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*Using 2.4 GHz world general frequency processing control function and intonation transmission.
*Mature adaptive frequency hopping and spread spectrum technology designed, good secrecy, strong antiinterference ability.
*Built‐in frequency feedback function avoid howling come out and realize longer pickup distance.
*Intelligent power management, when the host is turned off, the units will automatically shut 
down for saving battery power.
*Can support 255 units to use,chairman unit or delegate unit is ok.
*With functions of real‐time video tracking, support four‐way video input, two‐way video signal 
*Apply multiple cameras communication protocol:SONY VISCA, EVI‐D70, PELCO ‐ P, PELCO ‐ D.
*At the same time support 1‐4 speakers to speak.
*240*128 large screen display work status, hierarchical menu design, simple operation.
*Conference mode optional: (1) First in first out (2)restrict speak mode (3) time limited mode (4) chairman mode
*Chinese and English language can be chosen.
*2 U chassis designed, can be installed in a 19‐inch standard rack.
*Working distance:50‐80m


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