Bộ điều khiển BLS-U450M
BLS-U450M là hệ thống điều khiển chính các micro hội nghị có dây tích hợp tính năng video tracking và hệ thống voting thông minh cùng với những tính năng vượt trội khác.
Được sử dụng cho các phòng họp trung tâm, có khả năng kết nối với các Camera chuyên dụng để kích hoạt tính năng Video tracking.
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*It is a discussing and video‐tracking wired conference system.
*With recording function, support Max.16G USB disk.
*The front panel adopts buttons to control speaking mode and the number of speakers, breaking the traditional dial control.
*LCD screen displays working status
*The number of speakers: 1, 2,3,4,5,6 and full opening
*7 meeting work modes: ①chairman mode ②first in first out mode ③last in first outmode ④LIMIT mode ⑤FREE mode ⑥responder mode ⑦Apply speaking mode (just for BLS‐4505C/D unit)
*The host can connect 60 microphone units, it divide into 4 parallel outputs, each channel can connect 20 units. It also able to connect expansion unit number of extended machine up to 5000 units by power extended machine BLS‐350HD(under 255 units) or data extended machine BLS‐350HS(above 255 units).
*Equipped with audio parallel output and a 6.3 jack output, conference recording 
outputs and background music inputs interface.
*Built‐in telephone coupler input and output ports, and can be used for remote telephone conference. According to the principle of communication, it divide two‐way telephone voice signals into inputs and outputs. In order to control the intercom setting of phone call and set aside between the hall.
*RS232 interface can be achieved using computer software to control entire conference system function.
*Designed with frequency shift feedback function,there is a key in the back pannel to control turn on and turn of the function. 

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