Camera hội nghị Minrray UV950
Features Overview:
- 12× optical zoom
- View angle: 6.3°(far)--70°(near)
- Output interface:YPbPr, DVI and 3G SDI
- Output video signal: 1080P60/50/30/25, 1080I60/50,720P60/50/30/25
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Giá: Liên hệ
Lượt xem: 6044
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Key Features

Superb high-definition image experience
The UV950 employs two megapixel HD COMS sensor, frame rate up to 1080P60/50, providing super smooth video, makes full high definition come true.


Low noise and High SNR
The UV950 applies low noise sensor, decreasing image noise effectively and also improving SNR.


Lifelike video image
Based on the unique Iridix exposure dynamic control algorithm, the UV950 deliver detailed and vivid images


12x optical zoom
The UV950 has a maximum zoom ratio of 12x optical zoom. High performance lens with fast and stable auto focus capability. With high precision PTZ position, the user easily to remote shooting.


 A variety of white balance modes selection - the perfect color experience
A variety of white balance modes: automatic white balance, automatic tracking white balance, one push white balance, etc., to meet the requirements of users in different environments. While providing standard, soft, vivid three kinds of picture setup modes, in order to meet the needs of users of the image colors.


Wide-range, Quiet and Quick Pan/Tilt Mechanism
By adopting step driving motor mechanism, the UV950 camera is extremely quiet and moves smoothly and very quickly to designated position, also covers a wide shooting range.


Multi-Format Video Outputs
The UV950 provides YPbPr analog component interface, DVI(HDMI)interface and broadcast quality 3G SDI interface.
The camera supports1080P60/50/30/25, 1080I60/50,720P60/50/30/25 format HD video for meeting different needs of application.


RS-232C remote control (VISCA protocol)
All camera settings and pan/tilt/zoom control functions can be performed remotely at high communication speeds via the RS-232C interface. By using RS232 cascading interface, two or more cameras can be connected synchronously.


128 presets position
Up to 128 presets values for pan/tilt/zoom. The camera can retain these presets even when switched off.


Multi-function remoter
Users are able to control the pan/tilt/zoom and other settings of camera via remote controller, easy to operate. The UV950 also can be controlled by the IR remoter of terminal equipment by converting the received infrared remote control signal to serial COM signal and then transmitting. In that way, user terminals can be placed at background.


Optional upside down installation
Structurally, the UV950 support s upside down installation. Also the installation mode can be changed via OSD menu setting or remote controller or serial command.


OSD menu
Chinese/English OSD menu can be easily controlled via remote controller or serial command.



Video conference systems; Telemedicine systems; Tele-education systems and so on


Order Models
UV950S   1080P60,   3G SDI
UV950M   1080P30,   1.5G SDI



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